We be Skallywags.

Skallywags is a family-run business that has its foundation in the USA, but we’re all living around the world so our reach is global. Fishing, surfing, diving… anywhere there is water, we call home. This is a collaboration born from a deep love of the ocean.  Our idea was simple: celebrate our love for the salty sea and big game fishing, and do our bit for ocean conservation. 

We’re all about fishing for future generations, you see. And you can’t get any better than catch and release when it comes to keeping old Neptune happy. So we decided to create a range of one-of-a-kind flags that come in eco-friendly packaging and are made from the best quality fabric. We floated the idea by the one and only, Guy Harvey and he was keen to put his artwork stamp of approval on the project. The rest, we’re not afraid to say, is angling history.  

There’s a special kind of honor in coming back to shore with all your Skallywags battle flags hoisted. We can’t wait to see you all flying Skallywags flags out in the deep blue. Your kids will thank you when they’re pulling in their own ocean giants one day.  

Tight lines and fair seas,

The Skallywags family

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