When you hoist a Skallywags flag
you’re in King Neptunes good graces.

Skallywags Fishing Flags

About our flags

Skallywags fish flags stand up to strong winds, won’t go dull in the sun,  and can take a beating from the elements. That’s because they are made from top-quality, lightweight, 100% woven polyester fabric that’s treated with water repellent finish, and dyed using a speciality acrylic pigment dye system.  Plus, the one-of-a-kind Guy Harvey artworks are screen printed onto them which gives them even more durability. 

How we make them

Our manufacturer is a family-run business in Durban, South Africa. These guys started out in a small back room with one pattern, and 6 machinists, 20 years ago. Over the years they’ve become a respected supplier for the local retail market. But they’ve never lost that heart and soul, which is why every Skallywags flag is put together with love and care. 

The way we operate

If you haven’t already picked up on this, we are big on conservation, sustainability, and ethical business practises. Skallywags flags come packaged in recycled cardboard and reusable bags that are made from recycled bottles. We choose suppliers who treat their workers well, and we are super serious about taking steps towards the conservation of our oceans.

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