Catch & release. It’s about respect.

Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what you have.

— Ernest Hemmingway

Tales of long battles with trophy-sized fish have always been the holy grail. Anglers have a rich heritage, passed down from generation to generation. Giving us a deep respect for the oceans.  We’re all hunters at heart. And we’re definitely winning a lot more fights on the line than grandpa Joe ever did, but times have changed. 

More and more of us are becoming the kind of ocean warriors who fish with care. We know that releasing these beautiful beasts back into the ocean is what’s best for future generations. The call is for us to make the change so that our kids can be proud of us. 

Skallywags is honored to walk alongside those leading the ocean conservation charge. A portion of all our sales go to the Guy Harvey Foundation (GHF) which is leading the charge when it comes to conserving the marine environment and collaborates with local and international organizations to conduct scientific research and host educational programs aimed at better understanding and conserving the ocean environment. Each member of our team is passionately involved in education and support around this important big game fishing revolution. 

Whenever you hoist one of our battle flags, you’re joining the ranks of fishermen and women who are making sure we all get to keep catching giant fish. 

Let’s make our future generations proud of the legacy that we leave behind. Our flags are not just a product. They are a the symbol of our commitment to catch and release. Catch that trophy, release it, fly a flag, and celebrate.

The real prize is the battles we have with gigantic fish

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